• Mirna Hidalgo  

    Oil Painting

  • My name is Mirna Hidalgo.

    I am an artist and love painting in oil, the old fashioned way. I work and live in Belgium. My work is inspired by the Romanticism, seeking light and reflection.

  • Water

    Light and reflections

    Calm Waters

    Oil on canvas

    Clear Waters

    Oil on canvas

    Cold Waters

    Oil on canvas


    Oil on canvas

    Aguas Movidas

    Oil on canvas


    Oil on canvas

    Old Sea

    Oil on canvas

    Deep Waters

    Oil on canvas

  • Botanicals

    In Nature I find ways of expressing emotions

    Love hurts

    Sometimes love can be painful and beautiful at the same time.

    Orchid in the dark

    Life is made of contrasts.

    A touch of gold (I)

    We need to find the sparkle within and around us.

    A touch of gold (II)

    We need to find the sparkle within and around us.

    A touch of gold (III)

    We need to find the sparkle within and around us.

  • Landscapes

    Pure Awe

    Time is circular

    Oil on canvas


    Oil on canvas


    Oil on canvas

    Pink Romanticism

    Oil on canvas


    Oil on canvas

    Blurry Dunes

    Oil on canvas

    Spanish Valley

    Oil on canvas

    Blue Woods

    Oil on canvas

    Flower Storm

    Oil on canvas

  • Exhibitions views

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Emotions on Canvas

    Share the passion of art and music at the Opening of the Nostalgia del Sur exhibition (violin by Pablo José Albornoz at the Royal Galeries in Brussels). 

    Nostalgia del Sur

    Emotions on canvas. An exhibition inspired in the passion of my roots in Argentina.

    Lightness and Reflections

    Exhibition at Coworking Les Galeries

    Water and Light

    A view from our exhibition at Coworking Les Galeries, Brussels

    Art Academy

    Exhibition at the Fine Arts Academy of Bruges

    Art and Wine

    Art and Wine events

  • Workshops and Coaching

    Live Creatively - The Artist's Way!

    Creative Thinking

    How to be more creative - alone and in teams

    Knowledge is easy to access. Today's challenges require new ways of thinking. In these customised workshops, teams learn how to expand their potential, have more fun and multiply their energy! Learn more about my corporate offering here http://mirnahidalgo.strikingly.com/


    Reconnect to your Creative Self

    I am a certified coach specialised in burnout prevention and living creatively. Recover your Creative Self and reconnect to a sense of possibility. Get "unstuck", know yourself and the others better. Join me on a journey to see life with more joy and clarity.

    Art and Wine Events

    Fine Drinking and Easy Painting for Everyone!

    A fun way to spend an evening tasting good wines while discovering your creative self. No art training required! Excellent for groups looking for a different activity, and for people who want to meet new friends in a relaxed setting. Take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-zmMy2qLEU.

    Find the next events and follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/ArtWineFunBrussels/ 

    Amazing Location in Brussels

    The most beautiful office and events space

    I have the pleasure to work at Coworking Les Galeries, a co-working and events space at the historic Galerie du Roi in the centre of Brussels.http://galeriescoworking.be/

  • About Me

    Living Creatively

    Active Artist

    Enthusiast Dreamer and Doer


    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


    I've had an unusual career path: I started as a professional Flamenco dancer while I was a law student, then specialised in International law and Legal Cooperation, and had a 20 years long career as legal adviser and senior manager, where I led multinational negotiations, lobbying and strategic corporate transactions. In parallel, I always pursued creative interests. When the corporate treadmill made me unhappy, I reinvented my life to do what I love the most: create and connect. I obtained a coaching certification and then graduated in Fine Arts and studied Art Therapy and the Psychology of Creativity. I am an active artist. My life today is spread between painting, doing research about creative thinking, training, consulting and coaching. I lecture on soft skills and I love helping people recover their creative self and reignite their joy of living.


    Having a diverse background in business management, law, performing and visual arts and psychology has given me both a deep understanding of professional challenges and a way to inspire new perspectives on life and work.


    You can read more about my qualifications and follow my professional tips on Linkedin or on my website for training and coaching Wiser Gems. I am also an entrepreneur and love merging art with other collaborative ventures.


  • Signature Collection

    Here you can find my art applied to beautiful fashion items

    Exclusive applied art products

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    Bruges, Belgium
    Belgian license number VAT BE0525973194
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